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Company Profile 
Company nameN.F.T GIKEN Co.,Ltd.
FoundedJune , 1993
2-1-29 Ikue,Asahi-ku,Osaka Japan
Representative directorHichisaburo Takeuchi
 Message from the President
 NFT GIKEN Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1993 based on the support and coperation of
 our customers.
 Before that time, we manufactured, developed, and sold rubber and precision
 seamless belts, and were involved with belts used in all kinds of industries.
 In the field of egg collection belts, we have been working with customers for
 more than 40 years.
 At the time of our founding, we decided to narrow our focus to transport belts used
 for food products, high-speed prineters, auto checkers, and egg collection systems.
 Among these products, our company produces 5 types of egg collection belts.
 However it was not easy to break through the cost wall in getting from prototype
 production through strength testing and other evaluations to actual use.
 We worked for rationalization and streamlining, shifted to internal production for
 some items, and successfully took our first steps as a manufacturer.
 We are continually striving to quickly respond to customoer requests and provide
 high-quality products at more affordable prices.
 All of our employees will join together as we move forward into the future.
 I ask for your continued guidance and support.
 Hichisaburo Takeuchi,Representative Director and president